Eberron - Echoes of Prophecy

Korranberg Chronicle
Serpentes Fragments - The adventure begins

The senior members of Professor Vieran’s class on Dhakaani History have been given a practical exam that is being proctored by Ghydd Nephret. They have been assigned to investigate a newly acquired dig site located in the depths of the Cogs that may be an entrance to the lost city of Ja’shaarat which was buried during the War of the Mark.

Before setting out on their expedition; the students met with Flamewind, the gynosphinx oracle, who lairs in the top of Lareth Tower. She passed on these three snippets of prophecy for her own mysterious purposes before flying off after judging the students and finding them acceptable;

“From hammer’s blow to fragile walls, in faded glory the old world falls, fame and fortune a hungry siren calls, while the wyrm lurks below in forgotten halls”

“Fire, fire, burning bright, shade of moonbeams in endless night, eyes of darkness full of spite, claws that catch and fangs that bite, not all shadows are cast by light”

“Kings and queens on bended knees, ragged banners flapping in the breeze, all of these the foul one foresees, lest you seize destinies, from prophecies and mysteries”

The party entered the ruins via a concealed section of illusory wall and after a fierce battle with mechanical guardians were promptly plunged into an underground cistern that lay below the collapsed map room they were investigating.

The party now struggles to find an exit from the caverns in which they are trapped while fighting off strange creatures and exploring tunnels that have not been tread by any save kobolds for centuries.


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