Eberron - Echoes of Prophecy

Korranbeg Chronicle

Serpentes Fragments - A charter is granted

The students have returned to Mograve University with a rare find, a piece of an ancient tablet known as the Serpentes Fragments that describes the city of Pra’Xirek and the cult of serpent worshipping humans who once dwelt there. Instead of censure for destroying a valuable site they have been granted a charter to form their own adventuring club and can now apply for university funds for expeditions.

The authorities were informed about the tunnels leading into the depths below Khyber’s Gate and the entrance was sealed as a matter of public safety. Arvis Whitestone sent the students a bank draft for 500 gold pieces as a reward for rescuing him and his daughter Kala from the evil kobold cultists.

Research has revealed that the tablet was originally property of the museum and the campus officials are very glad it was returned, even allowing the students to have continued access to the piece in the hopes of recovering the entire tablet which would be quite a coup for the university. The Serpentes Fragments are viewed by some as proof that the Church of the Silver Flame is actually just a transplanted serpent cult from Xen’drik and that the legend of Tira Miron is just a story to justify the church’s prosecution of those it considers to be dangerous monsters.

One such member of the church, Jolon Sol, a former speaker of the flame who was excommunicated, is rumored to have been buried with his notes on the Serpentes Fragments when he died during the Lycanthrope Purge. Jolon saw the purge as an opportunity to expand the influence of the church and he led a force of clerics and paladins in a bloody campaign against the shifters and lycanthropes of the Eldeen Reaches.

Jolon Sol was slain by lycanthrope assassins along with several of his inner circle during a visit to Sharn. The Speaker had become increasingly unpopular for the excesses of the purge and it is rumored that he was lured into the ambush by the Council of Cardinals who feared his increasing power. His body was buried in an unmarked tomb, in order to prevent vandals from desecrating his grave, in the cemetery above Sharn known as the Dragon Crypts along with his libram of notes and revelations from his deciphering of another of the fragments.



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