Welcome to my Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition Eberron campaign.

The campaign will encompass the exploits of a brave group of Morgrave University students and their quests for knowledge and adventure across Khorvaire and beyond while exploring the mystery of the Draconic Prophecy.

The campaign takes place five years after the end of the Throne War during a period of uneasy peace where each nation watches its’ neighbors for signs of treachery while engaging in their own acts of espionage and saber-rattling.

The campaign begins in the city of Sharn in the nation of Breland. The characters are all students at Morgrave University and none of them was involved in the Throne War directly; although they may have relatives or neighbors who fought in the war.

The players all begin at 1st level and may choose Races and Classes from the selections detailed on the Wiki page.

Players should prepare a brief character description including pertinent details about their background and upbringing prior to attending the university as a student.

All characters receive identity papers for free as starting equipment.

Eberron - Echoes of Prophecy