Eberron - Echoes of Prophecy

Korranberg Chronicles

Serpentes Fragments - Agents of The Emerald Claw

Vincent Lightbringer was given a letter signed by Archierophant Ythana Morr that led him to a meeting with a Priestess and a Paladin of the Church of the Silver Flame. The pair instructed Vincent to take the piece of the Serpentes Fragment to a noted scholar Bartholomey Pugh for verification as the church considers the tablet to be an important relic that needs to be studied and protected.

Vincent followed the instructions provided by the Priestess Felice Brightwater and obtained the tablet piece without informing his fellow students. Vincent then took the piece to the Faithful Scribe, a shop where Bartholomey Pugh practices his trade, and was struck on the back of the head when he entered. Vincent awoke to a throbbing headache and the smell of roasting flesh, once he had extinguished his garments he stumbled out of the burning shop, passing the dead body of Pugh who was slumped over his desk with a silver dagger protruding from his back. Vincent noticed that he had been robbed of the fragment piece and he was briefly questioned by the Watch and released.

The rest of the students were not pleased with the news and after a breaking and entering escapade at the Faithful Scribe they recovered another set of forged letters indicating that the bearers should be allowed to peruse the records of the dead stored in the Warden Tower in the Dragon Crypts graveyard outside of Sharn. They returned to the campus to prepare for the journey and were caught up in a student uprising led by Davi Mordath, a student who had made quite a scene in the library earlier that week when he warned the party about cooperating with Dannid Mourain, a rival student whose graduate thesis on the origins of the Silver Flame religion are considered heresy by the church.

The protest would have turned into a full blown riot if Flamewind had not swooped down to scatter the crowd and provide another of her cryptic prophecies. Davi Mordath was not deterred and he was only saved from arrest by the Watch when Dean Larrian ir’Morgrave spoke on his behalf and said that the school did not want to press charges.

The students then set off for the Dragon Crypts after requesting university funds for supplies. The trip through the graveyard was interrupted by a group of zombies that attacked when they approached Warden Tower. After defeating the zombies the students met Gaia Sotharr, the Warden of the Flame, who had been fighting off zombie attacks for the last day and a half. She was convinced that the group of Silver Flame worshippers who searched the records the previous day were actually imposters and she told them about Gath, the lich who rules over the area of the graveyard known as Halden’s Tomb.

The students managed to defeat the minions of Gath and after a brief but intense negotiation were able to secure information about the Emerald Claw imposters and find out that their target Jolon Sol was still around as an undead who haunts the lower levels of Halden’s Tomb. Gath rewarded the students for defeating his minions and cautioned them about the traps that guard the lower levels.

Bypassing traps and locked doors and the odd dead body, the students managed to defeat Jolon Sol with the temporary aid of the Emerald Claw imposters, but were unable to retrieve the missing fragment as the Priestess and the Paladin had abandoned the soldiers when they entered the tomb. Unsure of what to do next the students read the Libram of Jolon Sol and came to the conclusion that they should investigate the home of Jolon Sol in the town of Fairhaven in Aundair.



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